Veronica Simonetti is a freelance audio engineer, editor, and producer.

Currently, she works for Crooked Media, mixing for America Dissected every week, engineering remote Zoom sessions for shows like Pod Save America, Keep It, and Hysteria, and occasionally editing for shows such as What a Day and Takeline. She previously mixed season two of Crooked’s Rubicon.

Veronica is the producer and editor of Our Opinions Are Correct, the two time Hugo award winning podcast that takes on all things science fiction and its relevance to our daily lives. She also edits and produces Rebecca Minkoff’s Superwomen, a weekly show that discusses the lives and careers of female founders.

Veronica has been featured in Audio Media International Magazine, SoundGirls, and MassiveMusic. You can find Veronica on Instagram and scooting around San Francisco to many local donut shops.

In addition to working on podcasts, Veronica has a large library of credits in music, audiobooks, and voiceovers. Some of the highlights include recording for Meklit Hadero, Kiran Gandhi, and Divi Roxx. She worked with Cleve Jones to record his book, When We Rise and has recorded voiceovers for National Geographic and Adobe. Veronica had the delight of preserving tapes for the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and some of her fondest memories from Indiana University include recording Joshua Bell and many of the IU jazz ensembles.

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